About Us

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About Us

Absolute PR was incorporated in 2007 and started operations in 2009.
Absolute PR started from a plastic table and chair with a big heart to play in the major area of Public Relations practice.

Our involvement in Public Relations encompasses various strategic communication programmes across different sectors and subsectors of the economy through our clients.
We are general practitioners of Public Relations with in-depth skills and expertise that enables us delivers relevant values as defined by the clients’ business goal.

Meet Our Core Team Members

Every company's service output is determined by its unique team
Well at Absolute PR Nig, our DNA has been well equipped with the best minds in the business, meet ours.

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Akonte Ekine

Lead Strategist

He started Absolute PR in 2009 after over two decades experience on brand management.

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Lazarus Ibeabuchi

Senior Exec -Content Dev.

A certified PR Practitioner with emphasis on media PR, campaign planning & social media.

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Adebiyi Ademola

Head of Finance

Prior to joining Absolute PR, he worked with Plateau State Internal Revenue, Hammed Soyemi & Co.

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Damilola Jimoh

Senior Exec Administrator

A well equipped woman with all the necessary experience to effectively administer any duty.

We Always Try to Create a Difference

From strategy to implementation we always try to stand out in how we deliver every project.

Our Core Services

Here are 7 main reasons why we are an absolute public relations company made for africa.

  • Content Development/ Management:

    We develop strategic approach relevant on the spot material (contents) as required. These contents range from scripts for speeches, radio commercials, TV scripts, bloggers, articles, news and video releases.

  • Strategy Development:

    Based on situation analysis, we contribute to the strategic communications and marketing direction of our clients and prospects.

  • Designs:

    Annual report, calendar, brochures and leaflets payout developments are developed to enable us disseminate information.

  • Consumer PR/Communications:

    We develop and manage interactive and engaging communications with consumers based on situations to be addressed. The engagements with the consumers are tailored.

  • Stakeholder Communications:

    The broadness of parties involved in various issues led us to define stakeholder communications as a perspective management that enables sustainability of relationship. Our stakeholder management is aimed at ensuring that all parties are adequately engaged and informed towards building better mutually benefitting relationships.

    Advocacy: Our advocacy service is aimed at influencing the parties from a win- win perspective.

  • Media Relations:

    In a sustainable manner we help establish bridges between the client and the media through provision of relevant content and management of the relationships.

    Media Space Acquisition: We ensure that the required spaces for placement of advertisement campaigns are secured appropriately across traditional and new media channels.

  • Corporate Communications:

    Ultimately all institutions are made up of different publics. We are wired to manage the various publics of institutions from the internal through to the external public. We co create to build understanding with the various publics of organisations through building of platforms or using existing platforms.

Why Us?

Here are a list of our core values that makes us who we are and why we stand out.

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It’s simply more than a 360 method of ensuring you have the right perception, but include establishing you in the public eye. Our seal of work is the bond between you and the consumer/public or relevant stakeholder.

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Our company's DNA is perfectly equipped with a unique team of experienced individuals, the best minds in all areas of public relations, providing you with the best solutions.

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To put smiles on the faces of our stakeholders by providing strategic business solutions, using both conventional and unconventional methodology to achieve the ultimate goal of the client and other stakeholders.

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To be the most understanding, most creative and most disciplined brand and reputation management firm in the world meeting the greatest expectations of our stakeholders.


First we run researches in all areas affected by the project, using every tool that we have to help identify issues & their solutions.

Identify Issues

Our team of experts help identify the issues and then create a credible solution for this issues through extensive research done.


We create a detailed strategy after identifying the issues gotten from a detailed research on the market, the company, the consumer.

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Test-Project Idea

We create a test-product of the ideal solution for the proposed public relations project and see its result.


Once test product passes all necessary checks, we begin the implementation of this ideal solution in the real scenario.

Quality Assured

All through out this process we assure our clients 100% quality on delivery of idea and also returns on idea.